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    From The desk of Robert Shields, HypD, MetaD, D.Hyp, F.A.E.P.H.

RE: Unleashing Your Full Potential through training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist

This is my personal story on how Hypnotherapy Training changed my life:   Some People Would Call it  'Amazing', But I Call it my Success Story!

I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the U.K. for over thirty years.  I originally qualified in 1980 and set up The Robert Shields College in 1986.

You can't be blamed for thinking that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and my family were either middle or upper class and gave me a good education.   The majority of Clinical Hypnotherapists give the impression of being wealthy and money being the least of their problems.      And, of course, training for a professional career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist must have cost them an arm and a leg and, of ourse, only fairly wealthy people can afford a Clinical Hypnotherapy Course. 

But you are wrong!  So very wrong!!!   Most Clinical Hypnotherapists are people just like you and me.

My Early Background

I was actually born into one of the poorest families you can imagine.  I was raised in a 'ghetto' known as 'Laygate' in the town of South Shields, County Durham, England, U.K. and attended schools for poor children with my only decent meal being the free one provided each day at school by the government.

My clothes were second or even third or fourth-hand and bought from 'Rag and Bones' men who circulated around the streets where the poorest people lived with a wheel barrow buying and selling old clothes.   In fact, my first pair of 'new' shoes and new trousers were at the age of twelve.  You can have no idea how proud I felt wearing them.

Ask anyone who knew the Laygate area of South Shields, in the North East of England in the thirties, forties and early fifties and they will unanimously agree that the children who lived there were destined to be labourers or coal miners all their lives or if they were lucky, go to sea as sailors in the Merchant Navy.   The area has since been demolished and is now an industrial estate.

From the age of three to nine years, I experienced first hand the unpleasantness of World War 2.   My father was killed in the D-Day landings at Normandy supporting the American troops at Omaha Beech.  I was lucky enough to have a wonderfull step-father who raised me ater my father's death and even though he drank like a fish, smoked endless cigarettes when he could get hem (often made from discarded cigarette butts picked up in the streets) and gambled almost every day, I worshipped him.   Nobody on this earth could tell a story like him and make it so funny I would sometimes have a 'little accident' laughing at them.


To say I lived in poverty is an understatement and when I hear hard luck stories from people today who say they are 'poor', and who are normally complaining with a cigarette in their mouths, a beer in one hand and sending a text message with their other hand on an expensive cell phone, I literally want to vomit! 

Only the poor people in third world countries such as Africa and the Philippines, really know what poverty is these days.


So why am I telling you all this?  Simply because I want you to know that if I can end up in one of the most rewarding and respected professions in the world as a result of a quality Clinical Hypnotherapy Course, it is absolutely possible ANYONE can!  

I've rubbed shoulders with many of the upper class, including Knights of the Realm, City Mayors, famous millionaire footballers (Bobbie Charlton and David Beckham to name two), TV. personalities and numerous other 'high class' people.   Being from a poverty-stricken background, I am often amazed at myself for feeling at ease with those people and treating them as my equal.   Yes, you read that right - my equal.  As a result of my Clinical Hypnotherapy background, I see everyone as equal, no matter who or what they are.   And, I put that down to the hypnotherapy training I received all those years ago 

That is why a conversation with a penniless squatter in the Philippines whose bathroom is the local river and who sleeps when it is dark as they cannot afford a candle and who have children that never stop smiling is just as interesting as a conversation with a millionaire owner of a local holiday complex or someone knighted by our Queen.


No matter what your background or what you think of yourself, we all have powers and abilities inside of us waiting to be unleashed.   The problem is we don't know for sure what they are.   If I asked you to describe five of your strengths or abilities, do you think you could do that without having to think very hard?   Possibly not!.   And that is why so many people end up in the wrong jobs or professions. 

It happened to me.   After spending eighteen years in the military, I worked hard and qualified as an Accountant.   I am good at numbers and believed that would set me up for life.   A year later, because I was so, so painfully bored with my work, I put number crunching behind me. 

I hadn't realised that my strength lay in helping people not juggling numbers all day and my change to what I was truly happy doing is described later.

Here are some cold hard facts:

Most people in the world aren't living up to their true potential because they fail to tap into their inner strengths or do what they are really good at.  Or, because they don't really know what they should be doing with their lives to be truly happy.  they let other people dictate their lives and end up in the wrong kind of work.

Ask yourself, do any of the following apply to you:

  • -   Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled at deciding what to do with your life

  • -   Feeling like you are fighting an uphill battle trying to succeed in life.

  • -   Living life aimlessly and having no purpose or goal in life

  •  -  Feeling totally clueless when it comes to the proper course of action to take to get out of a rut?

  • -   Having lost your job you feel too old to start all over again?

Or do you simply have that gut feeling that there is more to life than what you are doing at present?

My guess is that you constantly feel that some higher power keeps putting obstacles in your path, just to keep you where you are today.  If that is the case, remember that those obstacles are there to guide you to the right path to take.  Every time your path is blocked, you have to take a new direction and eventually that will be the right one.

Some obstacles you may have:

  • -   Feeling too tired at the end of the day so you eat, drink and sit in front of the one-eyed monster (TV) until it is time to   go to bed.

  • -    No time to do anything but work, rest and sleep.

  • -    No money to get in to an interesting future career that you know you would be happy in.

  • -    Weekends that are tied up with meeting your friends, having a barbeque or just chewing the fat with them and listening to stories that are as old as the Grand Canyon or hearing about other people's problems, aches and pains..

  • -    Realising you are getting older and older and older and nothing is changing.

  • -   Or perhaps visiting your mum and dad in an Old People's Rest Home and realising that all you have to look forward to is the same mundane life-style.


Please humour me and let me ask you a question.

Are you afraid of dying? 

Most people are and there is no shame in that .   To lessen or remove that fear, you have to have a rock-solid faith that you will go to a better place when you die.  

I have a belief that most people are afraid of dying because of what they will leave behind them and even more important, unfilled dreams.   It is a fact that most people nearing death regret that which they have 'not done' in their lives and wish they had done many things differently.    

I used to think like that, but not any more.

I have no fear of death and have narrowly avoided it a number of times.  Somehow, when I should have been badly injured or killed, I survived and I believe there was and is a perfectly sound reason for that.  I have not yet fully fulfilled the reason I was born. 

I also have a rock-slid belief that I have done many good things in my life and know that I will not be judged harshly when the time comes to leave this Earth.  If that were not the case, I believe I would have joined every single one of my School graduation class mates who are now dead, a long time ago.   And, I put it all down to having taken Clinical Hypnotherapy training in 1980.   It was through being a Clinical Hypnotherapist that I was able to help thousands of clients and build up good Karma ready for the Judgement Day.

 MY "Rags to Satisfaction" STORY

In my earlier days, I was a heavy drinker (And, yes, you would have been justified in calling me a drunkard) and what else could I be with the start I had in life.   Heavy drinking was normal in the slums of the North East of England.     I was also boring and worst of all, selfish.  Ok, I had friends who told me I was a good guy and sometimes interesting, but I didn't believe any of them.

And then one day I was sitting in a dentist's waiting room and picked up a copy of the magazine 'Here's Health'.  I don't know why, but I turned to the advertisements and noticed an advertisement for a three weekend introduction Clinical Hypnotherapy Course.

It was expensive and I couldn't afford it.  But something kept nagging at me and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  So, I asked my then wife if she would mind if I spent the little cash we had and attended the course.   Surprisingly she agreed, for as she said, anything would be better than drinking and moaning about my work etc.

To this day, I thank the 'powers to be' for putting that magazine in front of me as it was the beginning of a totally new and rewarding life.    If you are still reading this far, it could be the same 'powers to be' that have led you to this web site.  

From the first day on that course, I knew what I wanted the rest of my life be.    I qualified and went on to attend further diploma clinical hypnotherapy training, supplementing the course fees with the small amount of earnings from stop smoking and weight loss therapy I had learned to give on the Introduction Course..   I actually did the therapies in my front room using nothing more than my voice and a comfortable pair of arm chairs.  I loved every minute of it - and have never lost that same love for Clinical Hypnotherapy.

For the first time ever, I found I was actually enjoyed my work and life and I found myself  with a single purpose - to become the best Hypnotherapist there ever was.   My drinking became purely social drinking and I had never been happier.   I now know how those 16th Century explorers felt when they discovered a NEW WORLD.


I've been online now training Clinical Hypnotherapists for the past ten years.   Prior to that I was physically training Clinical Hypnotherapists for sixteen years.  During that sixteen years until I reached retirement age in 2002, I had a thriving practice and helped literally thousands of clients to a better life.   I was actually a mini-celebrity having appeared on TV. five times and done numerous radio guest spots all over the country and overseas.  I was also the very first Hypnotherapist to think of using subliminal messages on video tape.  I produced three videos using subliminals in 1983 and my ideas have been copied by many leading therapists, one of which claims to be the originator of the idea (shame really as he is a fine Clinical Hypnotherapist).

I am winding down now as I have reached an age when I just want to help as many people as possible to become Clinical Hypnotherapists by attending my Hypnotherapy Training home study course..

I know that due to my work that I have helped perhaps over a million people to better their lives through Hypnotherapy, but not directly from my own work, but through the many people I have trained.   I cannot prove my figures and would be lying to say they are accurate, but having trained just under a thousand therapists online and hundreds more on my live courses, if only a small percentage of them see three or four thousand clients during the lifetime of their practices, a million would be a fair guess.

So, now you know why I have no fear of death.   Having helped and been instrumental in helping so many people, I have no regrets.  The past is the past and nothing can change the past, not even one second ago.  So, I now look forward to 'Judgement Day', which incidentally I hope will not be for many years yet as there is still work to be done.


The full syllabus of the course is on a separate page with the link to it at the bottom of this page.  However, you will also find that:

  • The full course consists of 36 plus lessons and takes you from complete novice to practitioner standard.
  • It is not only a Qualifying Diploma Course but also a personal transformational course that will improve your personal life and your relationships with friends and family.
  • On completion of the course and success in the Examination, you will walk away with a Diploma (D.Hyp) and Life-time Membership of The Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists (M.A.E.P.H.).
  • You will be a trained and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • You will have the skills and knowledge to help clients to change their lives and/or resolve problems.
  • Without a doubt, you will be aware that you have made the best investment you have ever made in your life by joining my course.


It's really quite simple:.

My online course (that you can download and study offline when you do not have an internet connection) consists of 36 plus lessons.

You can study on a weekly payment plan of $4.95 for the 1st lesson and then 18 payment every two weeks of $9.90.

Or, if you wish, you can purchase outright at a reduced fee of $145.95 (weekly payment plan totals $183.15).

But, if you have any doubts, I also offer a FREE abridged 1st lesson for you to download and see the quality and value for yourself without any obligation to join the course what-so-ever.

That's it!   £4.95 for 36 weeks, or get the full course with a big discount on the total weekly payments, or just sign up for the first lesson for free.


I hope my story above shows that I am not crazy and simply have a desire to help you start a new and better life. 

Oh, I have also put some links below if you would like to see the full syllabus and some other details.


My Guarantee!!!

I often hear it said that:

'If it is too good to be true, it probably isn't'

In this case that is utter nonsense as My Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is a sincere and genuine offer. That is why I also offer a money back guarantee.   At any time within 60 days of any payment, you can ask for a refund.  To ensure that you understand that this is a genuine money-back guarantee, I am making the weekly payment option available through ClickBank and it is them, not me, that will do the refund.  

Get each lesson RISK FREE!


60 days after each payment, you can get the payment refunded either through me or direct with the payment processor ClickBank


Please Note: If you decide to pay the full course fee at the discounted price, it will be done directly through PayPal and as such, any refund requests would have to be done through me and decided on merit.   

So anyone who thinks they can get the full course then get a refund, giving them a free course will be disappointed.    Of course, this small warning is of no consequence to the honest and genuine purchaser and as refund requests are so rare, I doubt this will apply to you.

No fancy sales page, no fancy bonuses,

no fancy words, just a plain and simple offer

that can change your life.


Please remember that this is a time sensitive offer as I am trying out this Pay Plan to see if it will remove financial barriers that are stopping you becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I may withdraw it at any time without notice.


Your investment in the FULL Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is…

$4.95  First Payment

(UKP3.25 AusD5.40)

(you can cancel payments at any time)

followed by 18 fortnightly payments of $9.90 (total: $183.15)

 (UK£121.25 + VAT   Aus$ 197.40 )



The cost of the full Diploma Course is now offered at the normal fee of $197.97

(This is a digital download for study offline with all lessons available via an .exe file or a .zip file or a .pdf file.  If you prefer, you can study directly online by accessing lessons on our web site. ALL LESSONS ARE PRINTABLE for study offline.   You will instantly be directed our Student's Enrolment form and then to the download page upon purchase)

When you see the value of what you will get,

you will be even more surprised than these girls.


Hypnotherapy Training elsewhere can cost you thousands so I believe by course has a


Your investment in the FULL Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is…

$4.95  Weekly

(UKP3.25 AusD5.40)

for a total of 36 weeks ($178.20)

 (UKP115.00   AusD 192.00  )


The cost of the full Diploma Course is now offered at the normal fee of $197.97

(This is a digital download for study offline with all lessons available via an .exe file or a .zip file or a .pdf file.  If you prefer, you can study directly online by accessing lessons on our web site. ALL LESSONS ARE PRINTABLE for study offline.   You will instantly be directed our Student's Enrolment form and then to the download page upon purchase)

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course syllabus    examination details     articles by Robert Shields

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